Blanket Octopus, Weekend Photos

Happy Thursday everyone! Almost the end of the week, ahhhh feels so good. I have had a particularly excellent week so far, which is awesome – lots of productive lab work, diving, gym time, good food and hanging with friends 🙂 What more can you ask for in a typical week? Last night I hung out with my madre and my neighbor Lily (it’s really cool having neighbors you’re not only friendly with, but are like besst friends with – even our dogs are super close!), we cuddled up on our amazing couch and watched Disney’s Oceans. And let me tell you, I was BLOWN AWAY by some of this footage, it was bee-ootyful! One of the more fantastic things we got to see was footage of the elusive and ethereal Blanket Octopus – here’s the clip! (yes, that is Pierce Brosnan, and yes, he sounds extremely silly )

Also in my list of favorites was the footage of the cuttlefish, I have a special place in my heart for the little guys. They remind me of that golden month I spent on Lizard Island in the Great Barrier Reef, full of sunshine and laughter and cuttlefish chases (always involving one cuttlefish, two 20-year old girls, three minutes of crazed, erratic swimming all over the reef trying to remain inconspicuous and also not drown from laughing so hard). Also, the boy (man? boy-man.) I’m dating calls me cuttlefish occasionally so…they’ve got that going for them too. Haha

Some photos from my awesome weekend/week:

Boy-man on the right, good friend on the left…MATCHING. This was a highlight of my weekend haha.
Best friend and I after a breast cancer fundraiser we attended, such a wonderful and inspiring night!
DUDE. Insane amounts of ice cream. We deserve a medal, or a trophy, or a cuddle or something for making the dent in this baby that we did…
My adorable puppy after her bath and her bone. 🙂
One month of fluid extraction, gel fractionation, electroelution, and dialysis…and we get 3.4 mL of protein. THAT STUFF IS PRECIOUS. Don’t. Spill.

That’s all for now, ta ta sweet blogger friends! Have an absolutely marvelous weekend, and if that embedded video up there doesn’t work, I WILL vanquish these technological trials of mine…someday! Soon! Probably not until Monday! But soon!

EDIT: Blast! Didn’t work, stupid hyperlink…*gnashing teeth*


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