Fiji Dreams

One year ago this month, I embarked on one of the coolest adventures I’ve been on thus far, heading to the middle of the Pacific ocean to help a friend with her research in Fiji. We went diving with bull sharks, ate traditional Fijian lovos, hiked to waterfalls and snorkeled in pristine turquoise waters. I learned SO much about marine protected areas and how they’re managed, and Dani’s work with three of the local villages opened my eyes to how closely the Fijian way of life is connected to the health of their reefs. Not only has this experience shaped a lot of my future career and life goals, but it also seems to have started the trend of AMAZINGNESS I’ve been enjoying for the last year – going to Fiji seriously rocked, and life hasn’t stopped rocking ever since! 🙂 So here are some favorite photos of mine to commemorate that game-changer of an adventure, and I hope you all have the chance sometime soon to embark on your own, be it 2,000 miles away or 20! Happy Monday everyone!








4 comments on “Fiji Dreams

      • Actually, me and my family “supposedly” encountered a leopard shark during a trip to Thailand. Unfortunately, I didn’t recognize it and thought it was just a branch lying on the sand :s. I’d have to say my favorite experience so far is my very first: in the Maldives. The visibility was amazing!

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