Hello, New Friend

photo (8)

Yayyy, no more taking photos with my iPhone!!! Haha I just got this beauty as an early birthday present from my kickass photographer grandma, it’s a Nikon P5100 and it’s perfect for my (beginner) photographer needs! I’ve been looking for a new camera ever since I ruined my last one scraping the lens on some coral while army-crawling across a reef at low tide (lesson learned, always look at the tide charts even if you’re just going for a “15-minute” snorkel…because 15-minute snorkels don’t exist). So I’ve been taking photos with my little iPhone ever since I returned from that trip (which actually may have had a higher quality camera than my little underwater Fuji haha) and I figured it’s time for an upgrade. So, little Nikon, here’s to becoming best of friends! And to the upcoming adventures we will capture together!

AMAZING zoom – I took this photo from about 200 yards up the street
Oh macro, how I love you...
Oh macro, how I love you…
Lovely, hole-y flowers

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