Flying Squid with a View

Flying squid! You can read about them by clicking on the link below!

Once again, 2:30 am finds me wide awake and restless…oh weekends, how you throw my sleep schedule so. Well, I thought I would share this story my dad emailed me the other day – Japanese scientists have confirmed the existence of flying squid! What the what?! These little guys use their jet propulsion to propel themselves out of the water and then open their wing-like fins to catch the air, gliding above the water for a few feet before plunging back in! So cool!! Once again, cephalopods rock our socks off. In my personal opinion, squid are constantly being outshone by their super cool relatives, cuttlefish and octopuses (or octopodes – as I just learned – an alternative, more scientifically-oriented plural form), but these flying squid plus the recent footage captured of the Giant Squid by Japanese scientists are giving this group of creatures a serious leg up in my book. And now that I think of it, they also have super cool egg sacs! I’ve done a few night dives down at Redondo Beach and have seen a few bunches, they look like big fluffy bouquets of flowers to me, moving softly with the surge. A reminder of how ethereal and strange the underwater world can be…

Squid eggs

Also, I took my new little Nikon to Griffith Observatory on a beautiful, stormy Los Angeles day recently. It was perfect timing, right after one wave of showers had stopped and just before another one rolled in – you could see the ocean all the way from Griffith. Here are some of my faves – gah I love this camera!






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