Motion of the Ocean

Mrahhh I love ocean videos!!

I think film is one of the best mediums to capture the beauty of the ocean, and one of my FAVORITE things to do after a long, hard day (or an exhausting, fun-filled weekend in San Francisco like I just had! har har sorry had to rub it in) is to meander through ocean-related videos on the internet. For me, the essence of the ocean is in the movement. The suspension of your body in liquid has got to be one of the best feelings in the world, ask anyone who dives or snorkels (or takes baths regularly). And to feel the swell of the waves coming in one after another, to see the slow, ponderous motion of a whale gliding through the water or the quick darts of a colony of humbug damsels…it’s mesmerizing! So here are a few of the videos I’ve really liked lately. Warning: side-effects may include an itch to swim in the sea by any means possible – only cure is to watch more ocean videos.

This one is from filmmaker Morgan Maassen, a beautiful surfing-oriented video with great music, beautiful cinematography and some quirky cute moments than will bring a smile to your face.

This next video I just saw today, one of my supervisors at the California Science Center captained the ship for this shark expedition. Super-brave diver Ocean Ramsey peacefully joins a Great White Shark in a swim, and I swear it is the most magical thing I’ve seen in a long time. Obviously swimming with Great Whites isn’t something we should all do on the regular, but this is a great video to promote the non-lethal-killer side of these amazing creatures.

Annnd this last one is an amazing GoPro video of a pod of dolphins following a fishing boat…so cool!

Hope you all enjoy!


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